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The perfect balance between security and efficiency

When voting for treasury transactions, everyone has an assessment framework in mind. ADAM Vault allows you to put that framework in smart contracts, give freedom to operators to act within the agreed boundaries. No more hassle of duplicated voting.

Conditional pre-approval of transactions

Budget Templates

Common Budget practice in templates, easier and faster setup time. (similar to real life corporate operations)

Consensus Voting

Members jointly approving Budgets, secured by on-chain voting. Injecting transparency. (web3 advantage)

Conditional Transactions

Vote on conditions that regulate transactions, not each transaction alone. Operation made efficient. (sort out current decentralized investment pain points)

Decentralized Team Execution

Assign execution to team, any teammates can execute the Budget. On-chain collaboration at ease. 

Budget is meant for better treasuries

Prevent Rug-pull

Budget has to be approved by majority members, not just few multisig signers

Improve Efficiency

No more voting for each transactions one-by-one, approving the framework only


Make decentralized execution efficient

Security is safeguarded by community-consented conditions; efficiency is ensured by the capability of all members being able to execute transactions

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