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Funds are only safe in
your hands

Member account enables you to own your money while delegating someone else the power to manage. The assets will not mix with others’ but you can still enjoy the convenience of joining an organization.

Get the most without compromising ownership

When you “deposit”, you are only delegating the right to use the assets under approved circumstances, while retaining the ownership of your assets. You can withdraw the amount at any moment

Spend Money from
Member account vs Public account

Member Account

The approved amount will be drawn from each members account, in proportion to the value of that specific token in each account.

Public Account

The amount will be directly drawn from public account.

Empowered by
Member Account

Flexible Withdrawal

Customizable lock up period and funds can be withdrawn at any moment afterwards.

Decouple token & treasury value

Member token value is not correlated to treasury value.

One-account One-vote

Only members who have deposit can vote, gatekeeping the quality of vote.

Solves Complicity

Web3 solves the complicity in executing self-custodial fund in traditional banking system.


Make decentralized ownership feasible

ADAM team makes the ultimate move to stop rugpull. Safekeeping treasury assets in members’
own hands. Maximize the capability of smart contracts.

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