Provide Early Liquidity for new DAOs

TL;DR: The lack of early liquidity has been a common issue for new DAOs without enough capital. ADAM will provide solutions to enable sufficient liquidity for the native tokens of the DAOs built on its platform.

New DAOs lack liquidity

Many existing DAOs lack capital to start a liquidity pool on any DEX. It is also difficult for them to get listed on CEX. As a result, members are not able to trade their membership tokens on the secondary market. This has created a huge barrier for these DAOs to attract new joiners, and for their existing members to start a new journey in another DAO. ADAM aims to address this problem and accelerate the development of DAOs around the world. 

ADAM provides early liquidity

Two solutions are provided to address the issue of lacking early liquidity for new DAOs built on ADAM:

1) A small proportion of DAO tokens will be taken to pair with $ADAM tokens to form a liquidity pool on DEX. 

When new DAOs have minted their native tokens on ADAM, a small proportion of their tokens will be paired with $ADAM, the utility token of our platform. Meanwhile, $ADAM is listed on DEX to form a liquidity pool. Therefore, we will act as a liquidity provider for DAOs created on our platform.  Their members can swap their DAO tokens for $ADAM or vice versa.

2) Support DAOs with fast-tracked CEX listing as the governance quality is guaranteed on ADAM.

ADAM is backed by top crypto market makers, and DAO token market making service could also be arranged. The native tokens of the DAOs created on ADAM have good governance model to convince a fast-tracked listing.

Start your DAO on ADAM

In addition to the early liquidity, there are many other barriers avoiding people from starting their projects with DAOs.

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ADAM hopes to initiate the mass adoption of DAOs by rooting out all of these obstacles of DAO creation. ADAM is the simplest and safest solution for anyone who wants to kickstart a start-up idea with a DAO.