Liquidity for new DAOs in early stage

TL;DR: The lack of early liquidity has been a common issue for new DAOs without enough capital. ADAM will provide solutions to enable sufficient liquidity for the native tokens of the DAOs built on its platform.

Lack of liquidity in new DAOs

Many active DAOs lack the funding necessary to launch a liquidity pool on any DEX. Additionally, it is challenging for them to list on CEX. Members cannot exchange their membership tokens on the secondary market because of this. This has made it extremely difficult for these DAOs to draw in new members and for current members to embark on new adventures in other DAOs. To solve this issue and accelerate the global adoption of DAOs, ADAM was created.

ADAM offers quick liquidity

For the problem of new DAOs built on ADAM missing early liquidity, two solutions are offered:

1) To create a liquidity pool on DEX, a small percentage of DAO tokens will be paired with $ADAM tokens.

A tiny fraction of the native tokens created by new DAOs on ADAM will be coupled with $ADAM, our platform’s utility token. To create a liquidity pool, $ADAM is listed on DEX in the interim. As a result, we will serve as a provider of liquidity for DAOs built on our platform. Their users can exchange DAO tokens for $ADAM or the other way around.

2) Support DAOs with a streamlined CEX listing since ADAM’s governance quality is ensured.

Leading cryptocurrency market makers support ADAM, and DAO token market making services may also be provided. Governance standards for tokens mint on ADAM is guaranteed to convince a fast-track listing.

Launch your DAO using ADAM.

There are numerous other obstacles that prevent people from beginning their projects with DAOs, in addition to the early liquidity.

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By eliminating all of these barriers to the formation of DAOs, ADAM aims to kickstart the widespread use of DAOs. The most straightforward and secure option for anyone looking to use a DAO to launch a start-up idea is ADAM.