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A new page of on-chain collaboration

Soulbound tokens (SBTs) are non-transferable tokens representing a person’s identity using blockchain technology. We created Team SBT to recognize your team on-chain, integrated with Budget and Discord to maximize workflow efficiency.

Greet your team on-chain

Team creation and management system

With few clicks, an on-chain team is created from scratch. Modify your team info and purpose anytime you want.

Issue Team SBT

Adding teammates will airdrop specific Team SBT to their wallet. Removing them will burn the Team SBT instead. 

Native integration with Team SBT


Customizable lock up period and funds can be withdrawn at any moment afterwards.

Discord Channels

Assign specific channels to team, access gated by token. 

More integrations coming soon, join our team.

Start a Team with SBT.

Flexible team formation

Team members are recognised through SBT. It is not compulsory for executional teams to join Vault as members.

Spend team Budget jointly

Decentralize Budget execution power from a single person to a group. Give flexibility to governance.

Team gating for Discord channels

Host team-specific channels for private matters, gated by Team SBT, joined by teammates only.


Integrate Team SBT with your dApp

Keep the governance consistency and align the same team structure across different platforms by recognizing the on-chain Team SBT users created on ADAM Vault. More details coming soon.


Make decentralized collaboration possible

Evolve beyond individual contributions in blockchain. Team SBT by ADAM Vault envisions to set a foundation for on-chain group collaboration activities.

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