Build Fully Decentralized Treasury

Safekeep and manage your organization/ DAO treasury with on-chain budgets. Join 500+ treasury experts in our newsletters:

Fully on-chain workflow

ADAM Vault commitments to treasury safety

Bring your community to new heights.

On-chain budget approval

Efficient budget execution

Self-custodied member accounts

Not a penny can leave the treasury

unless approved on-chain.

Transparent records

From proposal creation to voting to execution, everything is written on-chain with a comprehensive Log.

Flexible voting mechanism

Token-counting/1-account-1-vote/opt-in – choose based on your needs.

Comprehensive Vault/DAO rules

Quorum, token, teams, entry rules, and more; customise your Vault/DAO the way you want.

[ADAM Exclusive] Budget

Safety ensured without repeated votings

Delegate and grant a budget to the team. Conditional pre-approval of transactions, guarded by smart contracts. Stop voting for every expense.

[ADAM Exclusive] Member Account

Funds are safest in your hands

Reimagine decentralized treasuries ownership structure.

Public Account

Assets in Public Account is not owned by any member of the Vault.

Member Aggregate

Aggregate of members’ redeemable, self-custodied member account.

Operate community on-chain

Team Soulbound Tokens (SBTs)

Team SBT to recognize your team on-chain, maximize workflow efficiency with integrations.

One-stop team management

Create, edit, remove team at one place. Team SBT to be assigned automatically.

Integrated workflow

Use Team SBT as gating to Budgets, Discord and other web3 applications.

Mint other token/ NFT

No matter membership token, event POAP NFT, or members artwork, mint with few clicks.

[ADAM Exclusive] Liquidity Solution

Safety is rewarded.

Safety on ADAM is recognised and would help with exchange listing.

Liquidity pool with $ADAM on DEX

Governance proof for CEX listing

Safety endorsed
by experts.

ADAM serves the community with institutional standards.

Smart contract audited

ISO27001 certified

System reviewed by lawyers

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